How are Overwatch & The Avengers Related?

Sherman Chin Jul 07, 2016 Sherman3D



Sombra, Athena, Liao in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch game are greatly anticipated. They are discussed in this YouTube talk show hosted by Sherman Chin.
  1. Sombra is the most anticipated character in Overwatch. Her name means Shadow in Spanish. She is rumored to be Amari who is one of the founders of the Overwatch organisation.
  2. Athena is the artificial intelligence in Overwatch. There were in-game hints of her contacting Winston and then being replaced with her logo. Her logo appears on an Omnic in the promotional poster. Will the Overwatch story be told in her eyes like how it was told in Garona‘s eyes in the Warcraft movie?
  3. Liao is the most mysterious of the anticipated characters in Overwatch and was just mentioned in a blog post as one of the founders along side Amari.
* Skip to 4:05 of the video to see how Athena from the Overwatch game is related to The Avengers movie.

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