The Avengers: Infinity War part 1 movie review

Sherman Chin Apr 26, 2018 movie, review

*No spoilers*

Just finished watching the premiere of Avengers Infinity War part 1 at MBO Cinemas with Nizzie! It is a great movie with action and significant hero deaths starting 5 minutes into the movie!

The adjective I will use for it is “intense”. So much going on that you might get a bit lost if you haven’t been following all the Marvel Studios movies so far. Unlike Justice League, Avengers Infinity War manages to intervine emotional connection with the heroes who die and that is an amazing feat given that the main thread of the story jumps between planets and different groups of heroes (Guardians of the Galaxy get a lot of screen time here).

We still get a bit of comedy despite the heavy consequences and the dark background setting of this movie. Kudos to a movie well done and everything a fan can hope for. Let’s just hope the second part matches up to the first as I have a feeling it would feel more like The Last Jedi as it needs to introduce new heroes to replace the ones who die in this movie.

Overall, just a great movie with unpredictable deaths (none of my friends guessed correctly who died here *hint: don’t look at the real life consequences of who will continue to act in the Marvel movies) and a fun but dark ride throughout! It will have you laughing and crying at the same time. That is just unfathomable for a superhero movie based on recent history – feels like the comics have come alive and is finally able to convey philosophy metaphorically like sci-fi movies have but to a much wider audience! And this brings geek culture to the main stream finally!

P.s. Captain Marvel is coming!!!


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